Joie de Vivre Lifestyle



A bon vivant is someone who lives well. This does not imply a person is wealthy, but rather one who is at ease and enjoys day-to-day life; savoring good food, drink and company in a relaxed, pleasing ambience. We characterize the distinctive nature of this as the “Joie de Vivre” lifestyle!  Simply … allowing nature to put the joy and tranquility back into our lives. We believe connecting with nature is vital to body, mind and soul.

Somehow, the simple pleasure of smelling the scent of lavender and understanding its intrinsic value, leads us to an understanding of the importance of nature in our lives. Lavender speaks to a calm, relaxing, blissful, serenity which in this day and age has become a luxury.  The place to start is with our home, creating a sanctuary and refuge as the one place we most love to be. The goal I think for most of us is a home that feels cheerful in the morning, glows at twilight and is pure magic at night!

And scent is one element of that joie de vivre ambience.  It’s really all about nature…..letting it in or going outdoors to be immersed in it.

I begin by creating a graceful sanctuary in my home by using lavender candles, soaps, florals and sachets for the scent.  It’s often the first thing guests notice and remark about – “ohhhh  it smells so good in here”.  Little things like, opening a cabinet and catching a whiff of lavender’s delightful scent from a sachet, starts or ends the day just right!  It’s true…the details do matter.

We offer a variety of scented home lavender products for you to enjoy, as you create your own Joie de Vivre lifestyle.wreath